The IdeaFor every problem there is a solution.

Absolute Athletic Care was born from the need for a better laundry detergent than was available for getting Brazilian jiu-jitsu gis as clean as the day they were first worn. Despite all our collective efforts with different detergents available and home remedies nothing seemed to solve the problem. From this unsolved problem came the solution, Absolute Natural Fiber Laundry Detergent. This is the first solution Developed For Athletes™ from Absolute Athletic Care. There are many problems facing athletes that we’ve just begun to tackle. Look for many more solutions very soon.


The MissionThe correct solution is usually the most simple.

Every solution bearing the Absolute name has been rigorously and thoroughly developed to solve a specific problem facing athletes. Absolute Athletic Care products are made with the finest ingredients and production methods available. Each and every step of testing, production, and delivery has been carefully thought out to insure that the solutions we offer to you are the most simple and effective. 


Absolute Concern

The world is full of problems, and we want to be part of the solution.  A portion of every Absolute Athletic Care sale is donated to the charities listed below. These charities fall in line with our mission and help to bring solutions to people around the world.

charity: water

Cancer Research Institute

Fisher House Foundation